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Name: Yewon-Han
Korean Name : Han Ye Won (한예원)
Japanese Name: Tanaka Sakura (田中桜)
Nickname: Yewon, Wonnie, Kare
DOB: March 24th 1994
Bloodtype: A
Height: 162cm
Weight: 46kg
School: University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia)
Hobby: Sleeping, internet surfing
Family: Parents, younger sister
Talents: Non stop talking, taking selcas
Best Points: Eyes, cheeks
Position: Owner, author, blog designer
What I like: Food, music, dorama
Inspirators: FTIsland, Wonder Girls' Ahn So Hee, Horikita Maki, Aragaki Yui
Motto: Always keep moving forward and never looking back!
For my future love: "Please be nice to me!^^"
Future husband: Oh Won Bin / 오원빈
Social network: Twitter || Facebook || Formspring || me2day || Myspace || Oricon || Ameblo || Tumblr

Name: Song Blue Hyun
Nickname: Bluecow, Blue, [B]
DOB: May 15th 1994
Bloodtype: B
Height: 162cm
Weight: 42kg
Hobby: Open "", listen to music, talking to my primadonna friends, spamming Seunghyun's mention, hangout
Family: Parent, older sister, older brother, younger brother
Talents: Fooling around
Best Points: Lips, skinny body, chin, eyes
Position: The only normal in this blog, author, header designer
What I like: SEUNGHYUN, Blue, music, books, movies (fantasy-complicated story-action), dramas, chocolate, ice cream
Inspirator: SEUNGHYUN
Fav band/singer: FT Island, Simple Plan (and some not long last singer: Secondhand Serenade, Juniel, Avril Lavigne, Breaking Benjamin, Fall Out Boy, Craig David, Green Day, Muse, MCR)
Motto: My Weird Feeling always correct and is the best!
For my future love: "I used to have another love before, you should be proud if you could replace him, he is not an easy rival :D be my leader, a nice leader, understand me and take care of me...i hate when you ask me what i want, but i hate it more when you do things that i don't want. Thank you for waiting this annoying childish girl :)"
Future husband: my dream boyfriend is SONG SEUNGHYUN, i wish my future husband is a cloning of him, or better than him ^^a
Social network: Twitter || Facebook

Name: Nades
Korean Name: Park Hee Yeon (박히연)
Japanese Name: Akimoto Miharu (秋元三春)
Nickname: SexyTurtle, JHSouldec, JHSoul, FtGtJHWife
DOB: December 20th 1985
Bloodtype: A
Height: 150cm
Weight: 37kg
Occupation: University teacher
Hobby: Online on twitter and Happy Island (HI) Forum, Internet, making Digital Art, Spazzing Jonghun and FT Island, watching Miura Haruma Drama and Movies
Family: Parents, big brother and 1 Turtle
Talents: Drawing
Best Points: Mole on cheek
Position: Author, uploader
What I like: downloading many videos with speed 2Mbps, Food, music and Dorama + Movies
Motto: Let it go!! XD hahahaha
Social network: Twitter || Facebook || Tumblr


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